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Why Join Furness Beekeepers

Furness Beekeepers is an independent beekeeping association  and is not affiliated to any other body or group therefore the subscription you pay stays within your association.

It is run by its members for the benefit of its members .

It is a non profit making charity, all subscriptions, donations and money we earn is ploughed back into the association

Please return your completed membership form to:
Carole Barr, Crook Barn, Torver, Cumbria LA21 8BP

The use of  our apiaries

Borrow and use beekeeping equipment (including honey extractors)

Borrow and use beekeeping books and videos

Buy varroa treatment at a discounted rate

Buy protective clothing at a discounted rate.

Receive help and advice from very experienced beekeepers.

Attend free meetings with talks from interesting speakers.

Receive a quarterly news letter.

All Members

IA public liability cover of five million pounds

A bee disease insurance - if your hives and bees are subject to a mandatory destruction order by DEFRA if AFB or EFB is found in your colonies. The premium of £2.00 is included as part of your membership fee although an additional payment is payable by you for the hives you own over three.

Single/Family Members Only

Single Membership £22.00 per annum

Family Membership £27.00 per annum

Friend of Furness £10.00 per annum (Does not have the benefit of our insurance package)

Types of Membership

Membership Benefits

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