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Spring Convention 2019

Introducing our Speakers

Simon Reese

Simon Reese is a hobby beekeeper and has been keeping bees since 1995. Simon was born in Cardiff, Wales though his mother is from Cumbria. Simon started keeping bees in Twickenham, Middlesex in 1995 after completing the Twickenham &Thames Valley BKA beginners' course. On moving to Dublin in 1996 he established an apiary in the garden. He currently has 2 apiaries in Co. Wicklow. Simon has completed the FIBKA (Federation of Irish Beekeeping Associations) preliminary, intermediate, senior and lecturer's certificates since moving to Ireland. Simon has a keen interest in lecturing, particularly on the science side of beekeeping. Simon is a former Chair and Honey Show Secretary of the Co. Dublin Beekeepers' Association. Simon set up the Facebook group ‘Beekeepers of Ireland’ (open to beekeepers everywhere) which has over 3000 members. Simon lives in Dublin with his wife Eimear.

Dick Smith

Dick Smith came to bee-keeping after retirement from a career in school and college teaching and management. He’s been extending his awareness of his ignorance about it ever since and now knows a little more about how little he knows. He serves on the FBKA committee. He keeps his bees in the Grange area Some history, contributions from the field of bee research on swarming , and personal experience come into this talk on the most essential (for them) and most inconvenient (for us) thing that bees do. Please bring along your own stories of departures and arrivals, it will be an opportunity to share them

Stewart Beattie

Stewart Beattie Has been a member of Furness beekeepers for 38 years and keeps between 30 -40 hives in National Polynucs. He is well known in bee keeping circles because of his role as a Seasonal Bee inspector for 15 years in our area He is a Life member of Cumbria beekeepers and current County membership secretary.

Lorraine Priestley

Lorraine Priestley is from South West Scotland where she works as an Occupational Therapist. She has kept bees in her own garden for 20 years and is a keen member of Carlisle BKA Lorraine enjoys crafting and will share some of her skills she has learned working with wax.