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Spring Convention 2017

Introducing our Speakers

Julia Pigott

Julia will discuss:

Bees’ Wax & New Comb · Historical uses · How bees make wax · How bees build comb & why is it important · How to maximise new comb production in your colonies

The Bees’ Needs · Bee Nutrition, Feeding & Forage – health and immunity · Hive Management o Colony size v. hive capacity through the seasons § Box volume, supering, what the bees choose - bait hives · Warm v. Dry · When to inspect colonies and when to leave well alone

Pete Sutcliffe

Pete will discuss:

“The honeybee colony as a superorganism.”

As all beekeepers know, the individual bee, even the queen, is not capable of very much on its/her own. However, as a colony of thousands, they become something quite different from our concept of an insect. Regarding the colony as an organism takes us into a different realm of biology and shows us how evolution comes up with similar answers to survival problems by very different routes.

“Myths of Modern Beekeeping”

The honeybee is still a mystery to us in many ways, so it is not surprising that myths have grown up around the bee and beekeeping over the years. What is perhaps more surprising it that we are still creating myths today! A roller-coaster tour through the history of (sometimes deliberate) mystification surrounding our craft.