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Spring Convention 2017

Introducing our Speakers

Pam Hunter

Pam has been keeping bees for over 25 years and is a Master Beekeeper.  She is also a member of BIBBA and the meetings secretary for the Central Association.  Her background is in biological sciences – and was employed in microbiological research in the pharmaceutical industry for 30 years before becoming a freelance consultant and writer.

Pam is has had experience in training and education and has run a number of courses for beekeepers over the years. She is now Chairman of the BBKA Examinations Board, sets and marks module exams and is an assessor for the Basic, the General Husbandry and the Advanced Husbandry exams.

Pam also gives a wide range of lectures on various aspects of bees, plants and beekeeping and has a particular interest in the interaction of plants, bees and the environment as well as the more biological/scientific aspects of bees and historical aspects of bees, beekeeping and beekeepers..  

Gerry Collins


Gerry started beekeeping at Dudley grammar school in 1958 at the tender age of 11 yrs passing the BBKA preliminary (now called the Basic) one year later. To- day he is a Master beekeeper, Senior honey judge and gained the National Diploma in Beekeeping in 1986. He has served in various capacities at local, county and national level including 18 years as BBKA correspondence course organiser and 19 years on the BBKA examinations board (several as elected chairman). Past chairman and past President of Doncaster BKA and currently BBKA Examiner at all levels.

Graduating in Zoology from the University of London (Royal Holloway College ) in 1968 he has spent most of his working life in Yorkshire lecturing in Biology at Doncaster College retiring in 2007 to spend more time with his 25 colonies to enable him to build up an extensive collection of photographs which are used to illustrate his articles in the BBKA News and the presentations he has delivered at beekeeping conventions and association meetings throughout the UK.