1  A Manual of Beekeeping copy 1 E.B. Wedmore

2  Creative Candles S. Spear

4  The Honeybees of the British Isles B. A. Cooper

5  ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture Root Co.

6  Guide to Bees and Honey Hooper

7  Guide to Bees and Honey Hooper

8  Nudge Nudge Hint Hint Yates

9  Honey Bee Pests Morse

10  Art of Beekeeping W. Hamilton

11  A Seasonal Guide Ron Brown

12  Queen Rearing & Bee Breeding G Page

13  Pollen Identification (with CD) R Sawyer

14  Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey Bro Adam

15  Pollen Kesseler & Harley Harley P

16  Beekeeping Study Notes Modules 1-4 Yates

17  Beekeeping Study Notes Modules 5-8 Yates

18  Microscopy Certificate Module 9 Yates

19  Bees & Honey copy 1 T. Hooper

20  Bees & Honey copy 2 T. Hooper

21  Bees and Mankind J.B. Free

22  Hive Management Richard Bonney

23  Breeding Techniques and Selection BIBBA

27  Breeding Super Bees Steve Taper

28  Honey Eva Crane

29  Honey Farming R.O.B. Manley

30  Life of the Honeybee Ladybird

33  Natural History Dictionary Oxford Press

34  Plants and Beekeeping F.N. Howes

42  Swarming, Its control & Prevention (paper back) Snelgrove

47  The Complete Handbook of Beekeeping H. Mace

54  The World of the honeybee C. G. Butler

55  Wax for Show F. Padmore

56  Garden Plants valuable to Bees IBRA

57  Bees & Beekeeping Irmgard Diemer

58  The Complete Guide to Beekeeping Roger Morse

59  Plants & Beekeeping Howes

60  The Sacred Bee, in Ancient Times Hilda.M. Ramsome

61  Honey Farming Rom Manley

66  Propolis Ray Hill

67  Discovering Beekeeping Daphne More

68  Teach Yourself Beekeeping Frank Vernon

70  About Pollen G.J. Binding

71  Honey & Health Laura Croft

72  Honey & Health Laura Croft

73  Practical Beekeeping Tomkins

74  Honey Bee Brood Diseases Henrik Hansen

77  Beekeeping Jeremy Evans

78  Beeswax & Propolis Pamela Munn

80  Swarming, Its control & Prevention Snelgrove

81  Bees at the bottom of the garden Alan Campion

82  The Book of Honey Claude Francis

83  Life of the Honey-Bee Ladybird

85  The Dancing Bees Karl von Frisch

86  Bees and Honey Ted Hooper

87  For the love of bees ( Brother Adam) Lesley Bill

88  Great Masters of Beekeeping Ron Brown

90  The Art of Beekeeping William Hamilton

91  Garden Plants valuable to Bees IBRA

92  The healing power of Pollen Thorsons

93  The New Varroa Handbook B.Mobus/ C. deBruyn

100  Teach Yourself Beekeeping Frank Vernon

101  New Beekeeping in a Long Hive Robin Dartington

DVDs, Videos & CDs

V1  Bar-Bee Que Ver 2  Video

V3  Brother Adam Hive & the Honey Bee  Video

V4  Dancing for their supper: Sheffield University  Video

V5  Hive Opening Bardsea 8-3-93 copy 1  Video

V6  Hive Opening Bardsea 8-3-93 copy 2  Video

V7  Skep Beekeeping in Germany  Video

V8  The Monk & The Honeybee copy 1  Video

V9  The Monk & The Honeybee copy 2  Video

V10  Living With Varroa (Thornes)  Video

V11  Varroa , (CONBA)  Video

V12  Introduction to Beekeeping DVD P Metcalf  DVD

V13  Dancing with Bees DVD G Sentnella  DVD

V14  Introduction to keeping Bees  Video

V15  Pollen Idendification (with book 13)  CD

V16  BBKA Basic Assessment  CD

V17  BBKA Introdction to Beekeeping Tutors Notes  CD