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Autumn Treatment  for Varroa


Feeding the bees ready for winter

This year, as in previous years, we are supplying members with varroa treatment and bee syrup at  a price which represent’s considerable saving for our members

We have three varroa treatments available, MAQS ,Apiguard and Apistan

MAQS   the treatment length is short (just one week) and does not taint the honey it is popular with people that used it .It certaintly does a quick and  efficient job.

Apiguard, we have used for some years and is still a very effective treatment when used correctly.

It takes one month to complete the treatment  but please note that  the treatment does taint any honey that you might like to take but some people think that the treatment is not as harsh on the bees as the MAQS.

Apistan   is the product we used originally when varroa first appeared and then stopped because of mite resistance to the product. It works well if you have not used it for around five years and is very suitable for nucs and small colonies. when the other treatments could be harsh.

We are stocking Inverted Syrup, Fondant and Varroa Treatment again this autumn for our members to buy.

Collection can be at the Apiary Gleaston Water Mill, the Apiary Haverthwaite and at 36 Oxenholme Road Kendal.

Phone  01539 721501

Prices for 2018

Syrup and Candy

Belgosuc Bee Food.  14 kg Jerry can  £15.00

Belgosuc Bee Candy        2.50 kg sachet       £3.00      

Varroa Treatment

MAQS Varroa Treatment   £5.00 per hive

Apiguard                                 £5.50 per hive

Apistan Strips                                    £5.00  per hive

We have all of the above in stock and ready for collection, we can post out to you at cost if this is required.

Pleased enquire 01539 721501